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Where we come from

ConverseNow stands at the intersection of Tech, B2B SaaS and Hospitality. We’ve emerged as the market leader in the explosive category of voice AI for restaurants, and are enjoying massive growth. Our incredible and diverse team consists of industry leaders and seasoned experts from all walks of technology, food service and a myriad of other industries. Here’s where some of our team members have joined from:

An amazing place to work

We enjoy a low-ego, hands-off culture with open communication across different departments. Job titles keep us organized, but never stand in the way of speaking with the right person to get things done. Structured processes help us work efficiently, but bureaucracy has no place in our collective home. Most importantly, our team is made up of amazing people united under a common mission to shape the future

Our team members share a “Let’s do this” attitude and dedicated work ethic, driving great results and supporting one another while maintaining a strong balance between work and home life. We recognize that while we’re all in this together, we also have separate lives to live, and valuing everyone’s individual needs helps everyone win

Most of our positions are fully remote, where our self-motivated team thrives in a trusting environment that promotes flexibility while remaining highly collaborative. Employees also enjoy a remote work supplement that includes a laptop and phone bill stipend

US-based employee benefits include 100% healthcare coverage, a 401K matching program, and a flexible PTO program where people are truly encouraged to take time off to rest and recharge

Our core values


At the core of our remarkable growth is a collective ‘stop at nothing’ attitude. We dream big, but more importantly, we ‘get things done’ to turn those dreams into reality


Everyone on our team, regardless of title or seniority, has a seat at the table and an influential voice. This foundation of trust creates incredible autonomy and allows team members to feel ‘right at home’ no matter who they’re speaking with


We love what we do, the impact we’re making and the support we give to one another. This shared drive naturally fuels our ambition, collaboration and sense of community


Our diverse team spans across three continents and all walks of life. We see ourselves as family, and support each other’s unique working styles so we can all perform at our best


We’re constantly thinking about how our work affects restaurant guests, and treat each other with that same world-class hospitality. We treasure the utopia that is ConverseNow, and want nothing more than to amplify that value across the restaurant and AI communities

What our employees are saying

Recognizing our team members

At ConverseNow, we’re glad to share our successes across our team by publicly recognizing employees for their individual and team achievements when they go above and beyond. Here are our recent award-winners.

Leading the Way Award for our team member of the year

Ruchi Bafna ConverseNow

Ruchi Bafna

Senior Staff Engineer

Ruchi has played a significant role in shaping ConverseNow’s in-house platforms to become industry-leading tools for supporting restaurants’ move toward AI. Going the extra mile in every way, Ruchi has led multiple teams through more projects than anyone (but her) could track. We’re incredibly grateful to have Ruchi as part of our team and are pleased to present her with ConverseNow’s most prestigious recognition.

Rise Up Award for outstanding quarterly performance

Marie Coleman

Account Support Representative

Marie has been with CN for nearly 2 years as a contractor. In this time, she has evolved in new practices, processes, and her performance has never wavered. She is consistently looking for ways to learn and grow while providing the rest of the team with training and support so we can sustain new brands and business. Her ability to pivot quickly and without hesitation is key to our success in an ever-changing start-up environment

Stronger Together Award for team excellence

ConverseNow Stronger Together Award

Customer Onboarding Team

Joint Award

Claire Gannon, German Grin, Cory Takigawa, Shane Murphy, Aschale Siyoum, Sheri Martin

Our customer onboarding team has been successfully managing client expectations across multiple accounts, owning all aspects of training our AI on a variety of menus as well as managing integrations with various other technology platforms. This talented team carries out detailed testing and provides critical communication to additional teams for our customers and their guests to enjoy exceptional and reliable AI.

Spotlight Award: January

Conrad Rebeiro ConverseNow

Conrad Rebeiro

Sr. Manager, Customer Engagement

Since taking on his new role within Customer Engagement, Conrad has not only worked tirelessly to learn how we measure KPIs for our customers, but has also configured all-new workflows to develop rapport with new customers as well as taken on reporting accountabilities that vastly expand on his reach across our organization.

Spotlight Award: February

Milena Dotta ConverseNow

Milena Dotta

Machine Learning Engineer

Milena has taken excellent initiative and responsibility in our ASR efforts, where she’s learned at breakneck pace to push critical projects through completion. She;s gone the extra mile in collaborating with our QA team for proper testing and improvements that make our world-class AI even better.

Spotlight Award: March

Amanda Creel ConverseNow

Amanda Creel

Director, Accounting

Amanda’s professionalism and resilience were instrumental for us during the complications surrounding Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. Amanda worked hand-in-hand with Finance and HR to research solutions and make real-time adjustments while we sorted through a high-pressure, fluid situation. All the while, she kept her always-amazing great attitude, despite the high nerves surrounding a tense situation.

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