How does it work?

Voice AI shaping the future of restaurants

Our best-in-class conversational AI automates drive-thru and phone orders with remarkable accuracy, loved by guests and restaurant staff alike

Why Choose ConverseNow?

Clear dialogue

Guests enjoy a natural conversation with a virtual assistant as they would with a typical team member

Instant processing

Once complete, the order is sent into the cloud for your POS to process automatically


Simple fulfillment

Team members prepare and serve food as they would with any other order that comes in

Best-in-class technology

We proudly operate in more stores than any other restaurant voice AI company. By processing millions of live conversations each month, our self-learning system evolves even faster every day to improve the guest experience for new and existing partners alike

Maintaining a human touch

happy cashier

Our patented technology keeps a person behind the scenes in every conversation. While our voice AI can complete just about any order independently, we recognize that not every guest wants to talk to a virtual assistant. This system gives anyone the option to speak to a person without taking time away from your staff.

For restaurants getting started with voice AI, our agent-supported system also helps train your virtual assistants even faster. Agents put the finishing touches on complex orders when necessary, teaching the virtual assistant in the process so the AI can complete that type of order the next time around. In both cases, the order is processed to guests’ satisfaction without your staff getting involved.

Quick and simple setup

We do the heavy lifting for you, using a proprietary system to train our voice AI on your menu, upsells, LTOs, coupons and other details. We handle integration with your existing hardware, such as drive-thru base stations or phone lines, and your existing software, such as your POS system

Once up and running, orders taken by our virtual assistants will show up on your POS in the same way as any other order. Staff simply fulfill orders as usual, with no changes in operations other than never having to answer the phone or worry about drive-thru

Go live with your first store in 4 – 6 weeks, with additional stores taking just 3 – 5 days. Just send us your menu and a few details about your restaurant, and we’ll take care of everything. Once live, you’ll also have a dedicated customer success team available to help you anytime

No startup costs

We integrate seamlessly into your existing operation, so you don’t have to invest in any new hardware. Our partnerships include many of the restaurant industry’s leading POS systems, drive-thru providers and other technology suppliers

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Voice AI for phone orders

Never miss another sale

Answer every call, every time. No more missed orders because someone couldn’t answer the phone or the customer hung up after hearing a busy signal. Our virtual assistants handle limitless calls at once and give every customer the time they deserve, capturing upsell opportunities that team members may forget about or feel too rushed to attempt

Boost productivity

Double your order volume during peak hours while enhancing customer satisfaction. Increase conversion with calls getting answered on the first ring, even on a busy Saturday night. Boost output with team members entirely focused on prep, fulfillment and in-person service, without having to stop and answer the phone every few minutes

Non-order calls, coupons and offers

Our virtual assistants process non-order calls too, freeing up even more time for team members to focus on revenue-generating tasks. Process coupons and gift cards with ease, and customize offers at the franchise, regional and national levels. Update offers, menu items, prices and other information anytime

Voice AI for drive-thru

Shorten your drive-thru line

Get through orders quicker, reduce wait times and minimize long drive-thru lines. From handling multiple conversations at once to remembering loyal customers’ favorite and recent orders, we speed up the process in ways never before possible

Maximize sales

Let every team member focus entirely on prep, fulfillment and in-person service, with drive-thru orders automatically appearing on your POS. Process more orders during peak hours and get more cars coming in that would have otherwise steered away if your line was longer

Leading the future of drive-thru

In addition to our voice AI technology, we’ve patented multiple systems that are taking drive-thru to new heights. While we don’t want to give away too much right now, we’re excited for these breakthroughs to redefine the drive-thru experience for both customers and team members

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