What is a voice AI system?

This system automates drive-thru and phone orders. A virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), takes customer orders in a friendly, conversational way with remarkable accuracy. A significant step above the frustrating automated voice systems you may have experienced elsewhere, these virtual assistants make for an enjoyable guest experience.

Why are we using this?

You’ve already got so much to juggle, so virtual assistants handling the order-taking process should give you one less thing to worry about. We hope you enjoy the added time this system gives you, so you can focus on other tasks like fulfilling orders and in-person service.

Do I need to do anything differently?

AI will be live during peak hours when the store is at its busiest. Between the hours of AI operation, crew members should NOT press their headset buttons and let the AI (and our agents) complete the order. Only if they recognize an issue has occurred that needs store crew member intervention, should they press the button and get involved. Ask your store manager what are the hours that AI will be turned on if the hours are not already posted

How do we override this system if needed?

Simply press the ‘talk’ or ‘audio’ button on your headset and begin speaking. The system will automatically mute the AI and let you handle things from there.

How do we know the AI system is “on” in my drive-thru?

Once installed, the drive-thru AI device will always be turned on during the designated AI operation hours selected by your store’s management. You’ll know it’s active because when a car pulls up to the drive-thru speaker, the virtual assistant will automatically greet the guest: “Welcome to [Your Brand].” You’ll hear the virtual assistant’s conversation with the guest in your drive-thru headset.

Troubleshooting: if you’re working during AI operation hours, and you don’t hear the virtual assistant greeting and talking with the guest, there may be a technical problem. Please call our Customer Support Line at (424) 414 – 0987 so we can help solve the issue and get your AI running again.

What if I need more help?

Call or text our support line anytime at (424) 414 – 0987, or email support@ConverseNow.ai