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How voice AI makes restaurant ordering systems more efficient

Restaurant ordering system: POS system monitor

Key Takeaways:

  • Tying phone and drive-thru orders into your restaurant ordering system allows for a fully automated process that significantly boosts productivity and sales potential
  • Voice AI-powered virtual ordering assistants automatically input orders into POS systems, alleviating staff from repetitive tasks
  • One Domino’s restaurant franchisee’s experience with voice AI and how it doubled his team’s productivity during peak business hours

A quick-service restaurant’s success or failure ultimately rests on one key benchmark: guest satisfaction. Although guests are always motivated by finding a good meal, that isn’t the only thing they’re looking for when they walk through a restaurant’s doors or enter its drive-thru. Speed, value, restaurant cleanliness, menu pricing, staff friendliness—these are all additional factors that contribute to the likelihood a diner will make a repeat visit.

Restaurant ordering systems also play a role in diner satisfaction. The onset of the pandemic incentivized restaurants to focus on food delivery and takeout, which required the use of digital ordering platforms. Complicated or unclear online ordering systems may confuse or irritate diners, discouraging them from completing their order.

Voice artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform the food-service industry, including how they interact with restaurant POS systems. The restaurant business remains one of the most challenging enterprises to succeed in, but cutting-edge voice AI-based ordering solutions are one of many emerging technologies helping restau